Fall is the Perfect Time to Book a Yacht Charter of South Florida

Fall is one of the best times to book a yacht charter through Southern Florida and beyond.  The heat of the summer months is behind us, and the comfortable weather can now be enjoyed from the deck of a luxury yacht, while basking in the sun and taking in the stunning scenery that the area has to offer.

Fall Temperatures Make Your Time at Sea Comfortable

A fall day, weekend, or an entire week spent on the deck of a yacht charter is something to be remembered forever.  The oppressive Florida summer temperatures are gone and a more comfortable climate during the day makes this weather ideal for lounging in the sun.  The evenings often bring crisper temperatures that are ideal for curling up on a lounge chair deck-side.  Cool ocean breezes further add to the ambiance of a yacht charter in South Florida during the fall months.

Celebrate the Fall with Friends and Family Aboard a Luxury Yacht Charter

With the whirlwind of summer behind you, the fall months are a great time to get together with friends and family and there are few better ways to enjoy this time together than on the open sea.  With boats that can accommodate anywhere from two guests to those numbering in the hundreds, you can have a private gathering or a big event to celebrate the end of summer.  A yacht charter can take the stress out of planning your gathering, and you can be sure that this is something that everyone will enjoy no matter their age.

A yacht charter is also a memorable way to celebrate an important life event.  From a wedding on a boat, dancing away the night to a DJ while at sea, to celebrating a birthday or anniversary, FTL Yacht Charters’ fleet is second to none.  Additional amenities such as meal service, decorations, floral arrangements, and live music can further take your celebration to the next level.

Book your fall yacht charter now to make sure you get the perfect luxury yacht for your gathering and have something to look forward to all summer long.  See FTL Yacht Charter’s complete line of luxury yachts at http://www.ftlyachtcharters.com/.

Plan a Getaway Aboard a Private Yacht Charter of South Florida

The spring and summer months in South Florida can be the perfect time for a getaway.  The warm weather has arrived, making time at sea a welcome escape.  This is a great time to experience South Florida and the many beaches, sandbars and more from aboard a private yacht charter.  Experiencing Miami and the surrounding area from the water is a trip like no other, making a private yacht charter an experience that you will cherish forever.  This is a great time to book a private yacht, with warm weather, shining sun and the seawater cooling the air, all while taking in the beauty of South Florida.

Experience South Florida like Never Before, From Aboard a Private Yacht

Guests will marvel as they take in the sights of Miami, nearby beaches and the beauty of the open ocean.  FTL Yacht Charters offers a wide range of yachts available, with an array of amenities for you and your guests.  Your private yacht can include a full-service bar and deck observation area, satellite tv and oversized windows, and much more.  The onboard crew is attentive to your needs, in many cases with full food and beverage service available.  All of this, and more, will ensure that your yacht charter getaway is unforgettable.

Celebrate an Event or Gather with Friends and Family Aboard a Luxury Yacht

A private charter of South Florida is a great way to celebrate that special warm weather event.  FTL Yacht Charters has boats that can accommodate anywhere from a small intimate gathering of family and friends to celebrations in the hundreds.  Whatever your reason, a South Florida boat charter is a great way to celebrate any occasion or just take a much-needed vacation.

Smaller, intimate private yachts allow you to enjoy time with only a few friends and family in a more close-knit setting.  Even on these smaller yachts, the amenities are plentiful to ensure that you and your guests enjoy their time aboard to the fullest.

This spring or summer, see South Florida like you never have before from aboard a private yacht from FTL Yacht Charters.  Visit https://ftlcharteryachts.com/charter-yachts.html for a listing of luxury yachts available.

A Miami Private Yacht Charter – Experience the Magic City in Style!

There are so many sights to see in Miami but there are few better ways to see them than aboard a private yacht charter.  Cruise Miami’s picturesque coastline aboard a luxury yacht, taking in all of the beauty that the area has to offer.  A Miami private yacht charter allows you to enjoy the sights, while relaxing and enjoying the many onboard amenities that a luxury yacht has to offer.  Whether celebrating an event or just looking to enjoy some time with a small intimate gathering of friends, there is no better way to see Miami than from aboard a private boat.

Build a Custom Itinerary for Your Miami Private Charter

One of the biggest advantages of a private boat charter of Miami is the ability to create your own itinerary.  Your time onboard the luxury yacht can be customized to best suit you and your guests.  You may be looking to experience the high-energy nightlife of the city or spend your time on the private boat taking in the sea life and lounging on the deck, soaking in the Miami sunshine.  The versatility that the Miami coastline has to offer ensures that you will be able to create the perfect itinerary for your guests to enjoy.

Soak Up the Sun Aboard Your Luxury Yacht or Visit Miami’s Beaches and Sandbars

Rich with beautiful beaches and sandbars, your Miami private yacht charter can anchor at one of the city’s scenic locations.  During your time there, guests can partake in water-sports using the abundance of water-toys available on your luxury yacht.  You can also sun on the beach, with the boat anchored nearby, enjoying the sun and sand that is indicative of Miami.

Some of the most popular Miami beaches and sandbars for anchoring a luxury yacht include Nixon Sandbar, Haulover Sandbar, Hobie Beach and Marine Stadium.  A visit to each of these destination aboard your private boat is a great way to experience Miami.

FTL Yacht Charters has a wide selection of luxury boats in Miami to choose from.  To see our complete fleet visit https://miacharteryachts.com/?abc123